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Navigation Buttons!!! Ya want em. Yes ya know ya do. Well sugah, (sorry about the cheesy accent) Guess what? Doin em is dang easy!

  1. Firstly, you need to create the actual buttons themselves with an image editing program. Generally you'd want one each for the First Comic, Previous Comic, Next Comic and Today's Comic. If you want, you can also create one for Storyline Start, but that's another story.
  2. You can use most common image formats (GIF, JPEG, PNG) it doesn't really matter as long as you name em right. What do you name them? See here:

    • First Comic - first_day.gif
    • Previous Comic - previous_day.gif
    • Next Comic - next_day.gif
    • Today's Comic - last_day.gif
    • Story Line Start - storystart.gif

  3. Now that you've named them right, upload them into your /workspace/images folder.
  4. Login in to SiteAdmin and trigger a full update. Voila! Navigation buttons!

Please note that Keenspace does not support the Bitmap (.bmp) format.

Also make sure your images are not uploaded in ASCII format at they will not be viewable by browsers that way.

If after triggering your update and the buttons still do not update, reupload your dailytemplate, overwrite the old one and trigger another update. This should trick AutonKeen into updating all of the archives.

Note: Sometimes you will need to have more than 5 comics for your buttons to show up. No, don't ask me why, I didn't write AutoKeen. I merely help document it.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! Happy Webcomicking! -Ping

This tutorial by Ping Teo of The Jaded.

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