Archive Calendars

Big Calendar, small calendar. Oh heck. they're all so simple to do I wonder why I am even bothering to write a guide on how to use them.

But to get down to business, I suppose I should explain the difference between these two. the Calendar option is a complex piece of code, all contained in one simple tag, namely: ***calendar***. It shows all the strips that you've done in the month as links on the calendar itself, Like so:

    December    DEC

Pretty cool, eh? But how to use it? Egad! It's so simple!

  1. Go to indextemplate.html or dailytemplate.html or any other page you want the calendar.
  2. Place the ***calendar***tag.
  3. Go to SiteAdmin and trigger an update.

And that's it. Really. Nothing else.

All in the power of a single tag! But how about the BIG calendar? (BTW, the BIG calendar is just like the small calendar, except that it produces lots of little calendars for every strip you've made! Great for that archive page that you don't want to update yourself.

And here's how you do it:

  1. Create a html file for your archives, or open it if you have one already.
  2. Because the Big Calendar generates a lot of complex code, it's recommended that you give it its own page.
  3. Pop in the ***big_calendar*** tag where you want it.
  4. Trigger an update

Habis! Done! That's all folks.

Enjoy the intoxicating power of that little tag- and Happy Webcomicking! -Ping

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