Adding Additional Pages to your website

It's time. You have a comic running, but you want more. You want to make Cast pages like you've seen the others do. You want a special page to put up fanart (If you're lucky enough to get them) up.

But how?

Now let me let you in on a little secret: The Keenspace system for making webpages is exactly the same as anywhere else. Yes you heard me right. Exactly the same. Just make your webpage as normal.

Now the only difference is that you have to add the advertisement tag so the Keenspace TOS isn't violated and you don't get kicked out. This is simple. Just stick this keentag: ***advertisement*** on the top of the page, and AutoKeen will do the rest.

Don't forget to add ***comic_name*** is hosted by Keenspace, a free hosting service for webcomics at the bottom.

Now that we are done with this we can upload our darling pages to Keenspace. Say the page we've produces is called cast.html. Start up FTP, and (pay attention, this is important) plunk the pages into /workspace/webpages. Trigger an update.

Once the update is done, your cast.html will appear at NOTE that it is NOT but just

And you're done. Just throw up a link for your main page, and let the rest flood in!

This tutorial by Ping Teo of The Jaded.

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