The Keenspace NewsBox (NewHack)

You seen it on various sites, that box advertising all those comics. You've wondered how you can get one you own comic up on it. You've wondered how you can display it on your site...

Specifically, I'm talking about this:

Yes, you know you want it. But how to get in on the fun?

Putting the Newsbox on your page

This part is simple... You simply put the keentag ***newsbox*** anywhere on your page, run an update, and it shows up.

Getting your comic in the Newsbox

  • Prepare a newbox image for your comic. It can be a JPEG, GIF or PNG, but the dimensions must be exactly 150 x 300 pixels.
  • If the image size is not exactly 150x300, the image will not show up.
  • Also, keep in mind that the images size shouldn't be too big. It's tempting to have an entire movie with those GIF images, I know, but I'd recommend keeping it around 40kb or below. Keep in mind some people don't have fast connections, and a single comic is read in less than a minute. You don't want them to have finished reading the comic and moved on before your newsbox image has had time to load.
  • When you have had you image ready, upload it via FTP to your /images folder.
  • Log into SiteAdmin and go to Edit Banners.
  • Add your newsbox image as a banner.
    (Don't know how to do this? See here. )
  • Once your Newsbox banner starts showing up, go to the Edit Comic option.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. You should notice your newsbox being displayed. Select the newsbox and Make Newsbox
  • That should be all you need to make your newsbox work

Note: You should always have your Newsbox prominently on your MAIN comic page.

This tutorial by Ping Teo of The Jaded.

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